Creative - Recreational visit (guided tour +workshop)

Sylvain Decure

06. november 10 - 4:00pm
Length : 1h30 env
A visit of the historic site of Les Subsistances, followed by a workshop - Rehearsal of Sylvain Decure, circus artist in residence (one of Christophe Huysman’s performers).

Demain, je ne sais plus rien by Sylvain Decure - Circus
“I am a total loner,
I even baptised myself, thankfully I could swim.
I have trouble hearing myself,
I try to free up a bit of space in my head for it to be resonant but it is too well isolated.
So I isolate my body too, and it is so porous I can see through me, through everything.
I have plasters all over, this is why I am sticky…”

A project designed as part of the “Projet Artiste Compagnon” founded by Christophe Huysman in partnership with his partner organisation, Les Hommes Penchés.

“I often got to work with Sylvain Decure in one capacity or another, when he worked as an actor or a circus artist at my side, always full of ideas and offering solutions, as well as discreet help on direction. Moreover, his experiences as a performer and relationships with other performers mean he is a particularly unique and innovating artist, what we call a rare personality that just needs to be nurtured” Christophe Huysman

Written and performed by
Sylvain Decure
Directed by Christophe Huysman
Stage Manager and Artistic Support: Cyrille Musy
Lighting and Production Manager: Emma Juliard
Sound direction: Bertrand Landhauser
Costumes created by Melinda Mouslim
Box construction: Victor Fernandes

Sylvain Decure

Residence dates: From 26 october to 10 november 2010

Sylvain Decure started training as a circus artist at age 8 with Annie Fratellini’s circus school. In 1998, following 4 years of studies, he graduated from the CNAC circus school (Centre National des Arts du Cirque) in Châlons-en-Champagne. He specialised in trampolining and acrobalance.  In 2000, he was one of the 5 founding members of collective AOC, and was involved in its productions: La syncope du 7, Kboum, Laps, Question de direction, Autochtone. In parallel, he also performed for several other companies such as Archaos, Ensemble Télémaque, Générik Vapeur, Clowns Sans Frontière, Gazoline, and Les Hommes penchés. He has now taken the drastic professional decision to leave the collective AOC to concentrate on his own artistic project, Demain, je ne sais plus rien.

Les Subsistances, laboratoire de création artistique, spectacle et théatre à Lyon