2011-2012 Season: Experience Les Subsistances!

19. september 11 - 00:00am
New at Les Subsistances! This year, season tickets cover the following:
1- Diversity: in the fields of circus and theatre, from home and abroad;
2- Novelty: the best of contemporary creation;
3- Guaranteed seats
4- Limited commitment: 5 shows maximum;
5- Low prices: €18-€34 for 3 shows, €40-€64 for 6 shows and the rest of the season at discounted prices;
6- A world of sharing: encounters, workshops and courses with artists.

THE event of the new season!

Rimbaud, Hemleb, Rothenberg, Kawamata
"Z" Je me crois en enfer donc j’y suis
Theatre-Music / First Production
16-24 September 2011 at 8.30pm (no performances on the 18th)

A return journey to meet Rimbaud, through movement and hearing, was Lukas Hemleb and Ned Rothenberg’s aim. The German theatre director and American musician will allow the audience to hear Rimbaud, the forever white-hot shining star of French poetry, in a different way.
How did they manage to create a show about Rimbaud, the “never-ending dazzling light”, the “thought that never concludes”, a “true incitement to identification"?
“Rimbaud defies any interpretation”, says Lukas Hemleb. “Let’s forget the sung poetry, the reciting of his poems over a jazz or classical music background. Let’s omit the adaptations in which actors play Rimbaud and Verlaine, Rimbaud’s family or the people in his life. Disregard any device in which Rimbaud speaks in the first person. Let’s imagine instead a game with no rules, where everything breaks up and fragments, in order to rebuild itself through music. Let’s not talk about Rimbaud. Let’s imagine an alternate universe. Five people are present - two musicians and three actors who form something like a trio of travellers, spiritual jesters, smugglers, explorers [...]. We will aim to retrace Rimbaud’s impulses, his surges towards the exit door, his tendency to project towards the outside - outside society, outside Europe, outside the world itself."
Director Lukas Hemleb has worked in the theatre and opera on every major European stage. For this journey with Rimbaud, he has invited Ned Rothenberg to join him. This impossibly talented free jazz musician from New York has mapped out new roads in the study of wind instruments. Also with them is Kazuhisa Uchihashi, a Japanese guitarist producing extraordinary sounds. This will be a mad venture, an intense tour entirely dedicated to the discovery of Rimbaud’s language, its melody, its imagery: “Comme je descendais des fleuves impassibles… ”. This return trip will carry risks for those who dare give themselves body and soul to poetry.

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6 first productions to kick-start the season

Rimbaud, Hemleb, Rothenberg
Je me crois en enfer donc j’y suis
Theatre-Music / First Production
16-24 September 2011 at 9pm (no performances on the 18th)

Ivan Mosjoukine
De nos jours (notes on the circus)
Circus/First Production
18-22 October 2011 at 8pm
Circus bordering on the cinema!
To those who say: "Circus is an art in a search for itself", Ivan would reply: "Yes, circus is the art of research." Ivan, aka Ivan Mosjoukine, is comprised of four young circus artists who have chosen as their muse a major figure of Russian cinema. They use feelings, strange journeys, combining the intensity of the bodies, pictures and the cut-up technique. They reinvent the basic language of circus with emotions, intelligence, humour, talent and commitment. Ivan Mosjoukine’s aim is to invent circus poetics. A first production we cannot wait to see.

Eszter Salamon
Tales of the Bodiless
A musical and sensory performance. In the original version.
16-19 November 2011 at 8pm
How can you get out of your own body? How long can you stay outside yourself, before you get lost for good? Tales of the Bodiless explores a condition that is difficult to imagine without experiencing it yourself: a bodiless world. Eszter Salamon’s new project offers the audience an exceptional experience. The usual hierarchy of the senses is turned upside down to question the tangible. The choreographer’s sensitivity being closer to visual arts or music than to dance, she takes us into a sort of physical exploration of science-fiction.

2-7 December 2011 at 8pm
Putting circus into life.
Nour El Yacoubi is almost 30 years old. She was born in the housing estate of Les Vigneaux, near Périgueux. She wanted to become a dancer, but her family could not comprehend it. Nour is not a real person, but her story allows the GdRA to create a new type of circus, combining interviews, music, dance, acrobatics and trampoline… A fictional and documentary-style circus: clever, dynamic and militant. Where family, inheritance and the will to be yourself all come together to form a show that is both exhilarating and thought-inducing.

Gilles Pastor
Odette, apportez-moi mes morts !
Theatre/First Production
10-14 January 2012 at 8pm
A mythology for our times.
Four wives, four sisters, four widows live in a slowly depopulating little village. This story uses four different voices, four different yet so singularly similar faces, to describe ordinary lives in all their theatricality: the place and the fates of the character are theatrically ruled as if by the beyond.  Gilles Pastor revives his autobiographical works. Odette apportez-moi mes morts!, performed by Jean-Philippe Salério, combines cinema and theatre to create a subtle moment, both intimate and spectacular.

Joris Mathieu
Compagnie haut & Court
Urbik / Orbik
Theatre/First Production
24-28 April 2012
Adapted from a previously unpublished novel by Lorris Murail. Inspired by the life and works of Philip K. Dick.
Joris Mathieu creates a theatre of surreal images that draw brilliantly from sci-fi clichés. As a text smuggler and universe creator, he uses for this production the world of Philippe K. Dick, mixing the writer’s real life and works, to create a return journey to a parallel universe.

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