Deborah Hay & Laurent Pichaud

Workshop : 13. January 2011 - 7:30pm
Length : 1h
Laurent Pichaud & Deborah Hay

Rehearsal of one of the creative phases

 Laurent Pichaud discovered the work of American choreographer Deborah Hay when he performed in O,O (2006). A few months later, she asked him to work as a choreography assistant for If I sing to you (2008). Very soon, he will assist in the production of Lightening, a commission for 7 Finnish dancers. 
These partnerships have fuelled the desire to co-write and co-perform a show. 

Created and Performed by Deborah Hay, Laurent Pichaud
 - Theatrical Device: Laurent Pichaud
 with the help of Ludovic Rivière
Production Department :
Kenan Trevien - 

Production Services : x-sud - Coproduced by MontpellierDanse 201

D.Hay & L.Pichaud

Residence dates: From 4 to 15 january and from 23 to 28 may 2011

Deborah Hay comes from the Judson Dance Theater. She never ceased to question her practice, always trying new and innovative ways to create. She is undoubtedly one of the few choreographers who can use the same high standards for audacious research and spectacular achievement. 
Her teachings are enjoyed throughout the world, as she knows how to find and renew ways to engage dancers in their training while pursuing her own journey. In this regard, her Solo Performance Commissioning Project, set up in 1998, is exemplary. Her approach has won her many awards, including a BAXten Award and lately, an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Dance from the Theater Academy in Helsinki. She has also written several books relating her experiences.
Her latest productions - O,O and If I Sing to You - have been performed in France.

Laurent Pichaud trained as a contemporary dancer in the early 1990s while he was simultaneously studying art history. He has now written over ten shows and a series of texts for museums. He likes to test the possibilities of a performing or dancing body where it is not expected, and to rethink the address to the audience in a de-dramatized setting. He is also involved in a transmission project, including a yearly onsite workshop.
His latest productions: Référentiel bondissant, pour gymnase et gradins; Àtitré, deux sujets à interprétations; and Mon nom, une place pour monuments aux morts.

Les Subsistances, laboratoire de création artistique, spectacle et théatre à Lyon