Deux masques et la plume

Compagnie du Zerep december 10 - 8:00pm
Length : 1h30 environ
Zerep tries its hand at theatrical self-portrait. 

Xavier Boussiron and Sophie Perez dissect the actions of their two favourite performers in order to draw up an anatomical study of the actor. Knowing what they do with the works of Gombrowicz or Musset, one can only envisage a lot of self-depreciative humour about the status of the actor. Thanks to their sense of aesthetics, their total freedom, and a healthy dose of daring dandyism, they are one of the most unique theatre companies of today.

“Parody is not compulsory. However, putting it to good use requires being fundamentally immerged in things. Without parody there is no tragedy, without tragedy no theatre…
Deux Masques et la Plume is like an essay, a chronicle, or a hint to the foundations of the actor. The actor must be fundamentally hybrid, to the point of becoming a freak, a documentary and masquerading tool. The freak melts into the sublime like two facets of a same reality. A game of attraction and repulsion takes place with these freaks of nature. They look like us, act like us, and worry us... Animality and horror creep in until we are blinded by their exploits.” S. Perez & X. Boussiron

Created, Written and Stage Design by Sophie Perez & Xavier Boussiron. 
With Sophie Lenoir, Stéphane Roger, Radha Valli. 
With the participation of Richard Lowdon.
 Costumes by Sophie Perez & Corine Petitpierre. 
Music by Xavier Boussiron. 
Graphics and Stage Manager: Laurent Friquet. 
Lighting by Fabrice Combier. 
Sound by Félix Perdreau. 
Stage Manager: Anne Wagner aka Reinhardt. 
Admin: Sophie Pulicani. 
Set design: François Maréchal, Dan Mestanza. 
Curtains made by Société Gerriets.

Produced by Compagnie du Zerep. 
Co-production & Residency: Les Subsistances, Lyon

Cie du Zerep

Residence dates: From 15 to 19 december 2009, from 15 to 20 february, from 5 to 10 november & from 25 november to 7 december 2010,

Compagnie du Zerep was founded in 1998 by Sophie Perez, and has so far produced around ten shows: Mais où est donc passée Esther Williams?, created in May 1998 for the Festival Théâtre en Mai; Détail sur la marche arrière and Leutti, created at the CDDB-Théâtre de Lorient. Le coup du cric andalou, created in Maubeuge in 2004, marks the first partnership between Sophie Perez and Xavier Boussiron. With Laisse les gondoles à Venise, created in 2005 at the Théâtre National de Chaillot, Sophie Perez tackled for the first time Alfred de Musset’s Lorenzaccio. Together, they produced Enjambe Charles at the Centre Georges Pompidou and Faire Mettre in 2007, as well as Gombrowiczshow in 2008 at Les Subsistances. During the Avignon Festival in 2008, they worked with Olivier Dubois on the production entitled Faune(s). Zerep includes since 2001 a core network of permanent artistic contributors: actors Sophie Lenoir, Stéphane Roger, Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus, Xavier Boussiron, Laurent Friquet and Corinne Petitpierre. Sophie Perez and Xavier Boussiron have also been working for several years in partnership with Frédéric Bélier-Garcia for the scenography of shows such as Liliom and Yaacobi et Leidental, and this year Yakich et Poupatchée.

Sophie Lenoir
is an atypical and energetic character, who forged a career as a cabaret artist, contemporary dancer and theatre actress. In the theatre, she has worked with Jean-Charles Lenoir, Compagnie Annie Legros, Camille Saraceni and Sophie Perez; in contemporary dance, with Heide Teggeder and Nasser Martin-Gousset. In parallel, she pursued her work as a choreographer and music-hall singer (César Palace, Ville d'Este, etc.). In 2009, she performed in Kurt Weill’s musical Lady in the Dark, under the direction of Jean Lacornerie.

Stéphane Roger, a linchpin of the Compagnie du Zerep, critically met Sophie Perez in 2000. Spurred on by Perez, he extends the role of performer into a formidable “anti-Actor’s-Studio” spectrum. He is himself a condensed mix of instinctive performance, taciturn music-hall, and melancholy tradition.

Les Subsistances, laboratoire de création artistique, spectacle et théatre à Lyon