Groupe Rictus / Cie David Bobee september - 8:30pm
01.02. october 10 - 8:30pm
Length : 3h

A 21st Century Hamlet. A physical and intense performance for modern times. Hamlet’s father, King of Denmark, is dead. One night, his ghost appears, who reveals to his son that he was killed by his uncle. Thus starts the mad story of Hamlet, a tale of revenge, treason, words and love. It is a great piece of big-scale theatre, offered to you by Les Subsistances under the glass roof. This is Shakespearean theatre with all the modern trimmings: circus, dance, music, and video. 

David Bobee

David Bobee is a dazzlingly talented young theatre director. In the space of a few years only, he has become one of the best in the artistic landscape of theatre. His natural instinct for direction, as well as his habit of using actors of various styles and backgrounds, means he is a fully fledged member of a profoundly aesthetic theatre, which is vibrant, alive, and on the edge.




Newly translated by Pascal Collin
Cast: Pierre Cartonnet, Murielle Colvez, Jérôme Bidaux, Clarisse Texier, DeLaVallet Bidiefono N’Kouka, Mourad Boudaoud, Pascal Collin, Abigaïl Green, James Joint, Arnaud Chéron, Malone Jude Bayimissa, Clément Delliaux, Caroline Leman, Oisin Stack.
Choreography by David Bobee and DeLaVallet Bidiefono N’Kouka. Artistic and lighting contributor: Stéphane Babi Aubert. Music written by Frédéric Deslias. Videos by: José Gherrak. Costumes by Marie Meyer. Stage Design and Building by Salem Ben Belkacem - Ateliers Akelnom. Technical Director: Thomas Turpin. Corpse created by Sylvie Ferry & Muriel Nicolle. Fighting choreography: Arman Vossougui. Production administration: Corinne Radice. Logistics: Sophie Colleu. Directing Assistant: David Guilet.

Produced by Groupe Rictus / Compagnie David Bobee
Co-productions & Residencies: Les Subsistances, Lyon.
La Scène Nationale de Petit Quevilly / Mont Saint Aignan.
Hippodrome, Scène Nationale de Douai. La Maison des Arts et de la Culture de Créteil. La Scène Nationale 61 de Alençon-Flers-Mortagne au Perche. Ville de Saint Quentin (Picardie). Le Manège, Scène nationale de Maubeuge (video production residency). Rictus is subsidised by the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, DRAC de Basse-Normandie, Conseil régional de Basse-Normandie and it receives the support of Conseil général du Calvados (ODACC) and Ville de Caen.

With the support of: Le Centre Chorégraphique Nationale de Caen - Basse-Normandie, la Compagnie de l’Oiseau-Mouche – Roubaix, CulturesFrance.
David Bobee and the company Rictus are the official artists of the Hippodrome, Scène nationale de Douai and partners with Scène Nationale de Petit Quevilly - Mont Saint Aignan.

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