La Tornade

A whirlwind of shows inside a monumental paper sculpture

From may to september 2021

This spring, Les SUBS asked a couple of artists to transform the Skylight with a monumental, natural stage design that would be set in motion by the performances.

Spring is when everything transforms. We wanted a couple of artists to take over the most well-known space at Les Subsistances, the majestic Skylight-covered courtyard, and design an innovative set. This monumental space is designed as a backdrop to help performances that break with the usual stage format emerge. The goal is to reinvent formats for artistic residencies, push the boundaries between visual and performing arts, and change how audiences interact with works.


So Les SUBS commissioned, Alexis Mérat, a visual artist who specializes in paper, and Domitille Martin, a visual artist and stage designer. They suggested making a gigantic paper tornado to kick up a whirlwind of artistic creations!

De mai à septembre, metteurs en scène, chorégraphes, danseurs, musiciens, circassiens, étudiants d’écoles d’art internationales vont se relayer pour investir ce vortex esthétique.

On the program:
Performances, concerts, workshops[NN1] , discussions, workshops and other fun times!

Guess artists:
• Alexander Vantournhout • Cassiel Gaube • Rébecca Chaillon • le Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon : Rachid Ouramdane, Noé Soulier • Ioannis Mandafounis • le festival Camping du CN D • Fête de la musique • Inbal Ben Haim • Vania Vaneau • Mathilde Delahaye • Grive • Oiseaux-Tempête • Flore • Mischa Blanos • Salia Sanou – CDC La Termitière •

Learn more and watch the work progress here watch the time lapse here !

Programm for september