Youness Aboulakoul

Today is a beautiful day
Dance / Creation

Violence is a dance.

Physical or mental, real or symbolic, direct or “televised,” violence makes our bodies vibrate, from our pores to the depths of our souls. Sometimes, it petrifies us. Other times, it enrages us. At what point does violence push people to take action to change the world? This is the question Youness Aboulakoul asks with Today is a beautiful day. In this performance piece bordering on dance and visual arts, violence is evoked but never shown.

After putting his talents as a dancer to work for Olivier Dubois, Christian Rizzo, Radhouane El Meddeb, and Alexandre Roccoli, Aboulakoul is premiering his first solo as a choreographer at Les Subsistances. A foreshadowing of a trilogy about how violence resonates in our bodies.


Design and choreography: Youness Aboulakoul
Interpretation: Youness Aboulakoul
Outside look: Youness Atbane
Sound creation: Youness Aboulakoul
Light creation: Omar Boukdeir
Sound director: Atbane Zoutheir
Accompagnement en dramaturgie : Gabrielle Cram

Co-productions: CCN de Montpellier / Les Subsistances / Institut Français du Maroc / CCN de Roubaix / CCN de Belfort / Avec le soutien de l’association Beaumarchais – SACD

Partenariats: L’Uzine, Casablanca / Charleroi, festival