Thierry Boutonnier

Substances (Étape 1)
œuvre végétale

Temporary plant work on the Esplanade

“Building on plant power to develop the strength to take action” is artist Thierry Boutonnier’s leitmotif. This installation at Les Subsistances, in which he fertilizes a pile of dirt, is the first step in his project to plant part of the site. The next steps will be to remove the blacktop from a parking lot to create green space: a stand of linden trees, a small park, space for gardening, cultural programs, and workshops. The site’s users and neighbors will help create this work-ecosystem. Orchards and herb gardens will also reclaim their spots on the rocky hill overlooking Les Subsistances.

Inauguration Tuesday 15 September at 7 PM with Sylvain Prunenec’s choreographic performance, Graminée.



Creation: Thierry Boutonnier
Mechanical shovel sculptor: Anthony
The pyramid works manager: Philippe
The trowel sculptor: Fabien
The shovel sculptor: Abdallah
In partnership with: L’atelier in situ and Parcs et sports