Star Me Kitten
Live Music

It’s the viewer that makes the work.
Marcel Duchamp

A soupçon of tennis, a few cats, a dash of plagiarism of Fausto Romitelli and The Thing, customized ringtones, a flexible instrumental ensemble (at least six musicians, including a percussionist and a pianist), video, and electronics (including at least one computer that crashes) are some of the ingredients in the completely deranged, nutty, deviant Star me Kitten, a conference about everything, nothing, and the relationship between sound and visual content. Imagined by the whimsical Alexander Schubert for the soundinitiative ensemble in 2015.


At the polar opposite from this vertiginous, jubilatory eruption, the composers Jessie Marino and Brigitta Muntendorf take a more personal approach: Marino listens for her music in the ordinary activities of daily life, ritual absurdities, and obsolete technologies while Muntendorf works on soundscapes created by the voice. Alternating between sighing, moaning, and singing, a voice was sampled and frozen in time to be used as a building block in a musical speech. How will we be affected by these snippets, taken out of context and combined with other vocal moments that are also frozen in time?


By both reclaiming and creating, the soundinitiative ensemble takes us into doubly ambiguous territory.

Alexander Schubert, Star Me Kitten (2015) pour voix, saxophone, clarinette, violon, violoncelle, piano, clavier, batterie, électronique et vidéo
Jessie Marino, Discreet observation for Your Family’s Peace of Mind (2015) pour 5 performers et 2 musiciens, électronique et video
Brigitta Muntendorf, Public Privacy 5 aria (2016), solo pour clavier sampler et captation video live

Szymon Kaca, clarinette, performer
Shao-Wei Chou, flûte, performer
Joshua Hyde, saxophone, direction artistique
Etienne Graindorge, ingénieur du son
Winnie Huang, violon, performer
Louise Leverd, violoncelle, performer
Gwen Rouger, keytar, performer, direction artistique
Franco Venturini, clavier sampler, piano, performer
Benjamin Soistier, batterie
Stéphanie Marco, chant, performer (invitée)