Samuel Ségura

Performance / Dance

Cryptographique is a meandering dance-performance on the hill above Les Subsistances. A zero-gravity dancer, Samuel Ségura scales the site’s architectural structures, yielding to the lines of the façades, the overhangs, the openings, and the interstices. From the ground to the roof, he gives life to the old stones of the 17th-century convent and the buildings of the 19th-century garrison. Samuel Ségura makes structures dance.

Choregraphie, costums creation & interpretation: Samuel Ségura
Decor & accessories creation: Élisa Haute
Sound creation : Gaëtan Parseihian
Video, photos and graphics: Mathilde Vandendorpe
Outside look: Federico Strachan

Production and reception in residence: RAMDAM, un centre d’art
Winner of the Cie Pernette “Hors Limites” call for projects Project support by Les Têtes de l’art in Marseille