Party en exil – Lyon

Kubra Khademi + Ayoub Moumen + Bab L'Bluz + Maghreb K7 Club
Conference / Live Music / Performance

Opening night of the Biennale Traces
Round table discussion about migration issue with res publica
Performances by Kubra Khademi and Ayoub Moumen from the studio of l’atelier des artistes en exil
Concert by Bab L’Bluz and Maghreb K7 Club (DJ set by Flavien Taulelle) joined by CMTRA
& other offerings, with the participation of artists exiled in Lyon to open the show.

An evening of highly diverse performances to discover artists whose aesthetics and politics are deeply rooted in their experience as exiles.

Transition through Reproach Valley 

“My art is a way for me to show the extent to which sexual violence is everywhere in our society—in public and in private—and generally ignored,” explains Kubra Khademi, an Afghani artist who came to France as a refugee in 2005. In this new piece created at Les SUBS, she examines the essence of human nature during a crisis, the better to deconstruct the more negative instincts that rush to the surface. What can art do in the face of war, natural disasters, or pandemics? Accustomed to performing her hard-hitting highly personal works solo, this is her first group piece, performed here with 10 young women graduates of CNSMD and l’ENSBA.

On marche sur des œufs

How do you grow in a world that’s living on borrowed time? How do you know what stance to take? How do you break out of your shell? Can you break eggs without making an omelette? Artist and fashion designer Ayoub Moumen passionately, vigorously stirs up these existential questions while literally walking on eggs. Symbolizing the world’s origin as well as creation and renaissance, eggs in the 21st century also an example of over-industrialized global food production. Overconsumption kills, proclaims this champion of upcycling (transforming used materials and goods into something of higher quality or that is more useful).

Music : Christian Rinaudo
Mapping : Fernando Soulmento
Text : Les dernières paroles de Spartacus d’Amal Abul-Qassem Donqol (poète égyptien du XXe siècle)
Production L’atelier des artistes en exil
Coproduction Les Subs à Lyon
Support : Guérisold


Paying homage to the inexhaustible roots of Gnawa culture, Bab L’Bluz—irresistibly psychedelic, undeniably rock, fed funk as a baby—rattles tradition to give it new life. Unapologetically electric desert blues!

With their compilation Maghreb K7 Club: Synth Raï, Chaoui & Staifi – 1985-1997, Disques Bongo Joe and Sofa Records offer listeners a collection of gems harvested from tape recordings of Lyon’s 20th-century North African scene. These melodic, festive treasures bear witness to the cultural diversity of the capital of the Gauls.

In connection with the release of the record, which follows on Place du Pont Productions, Musiques du Maghreb à Lyon 72 – 98 (CMTRA) and the idea for which arose from the research of Péroline Barbet and Simon Debarbieux (Sofa Records), Flavien Taulelle, who also worked on these projects, plays a festive DJ set with rare, eclectic grooves selected from a collection of more than 500 cassettes from this repertoire!

It’s opening night of the 20th Biennale TRACES at Les SUBS: a program bursting with 100 events (conferences, round tables, exhibits, study days, film screenings, concerts, and other performances). Put together by a wide variety of contributors who all work on issues related to migration—past and present—in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, researchers, artists, media, collectives and non-profit associations, sites and institutions, and local governments will meet from October 7 to December 7 2020. This year, the Biennale is entitled “Existing within the confines of migration,” and artists who are migrants or descended from migrants will play a major part.

Party en exil is the second episode of a series of invitations Les SUBS extended to the association l’atelier des artistes en exil. This one-of-a-kind organization supports more than two hundred artists from around the world who have recently found safe haven in France. They are artists, choreographers, dancers, and directors who left a country where they were in danger. Their works are lively, striking portraits of contemporary artistic migration.