Maud Geffray

Special evening

Dance party / Projections

On the occasion Compulsory Figures  by Xavier Veilhan and Stephen Thompson (from 5 to 8 December 2019 as part of the Fête des Lumière), Les Subsistances have invited Maud Geffray as composer and DJ for a special evening in two acts:

STILL LIFE (previously unseen version) at 21:00
A reinterpretation of Philip Glass’s music accompanying Xavier Veilhaná films, with Maud Geffray (machines) and Laure Brisa (harp)

Maud Geffray DJ SET at 22:00
Half of the electric duo Scratch Massive, Maud Geffray has a solo career as a sought-after dance floor DJ and a composer who works with artists from various backgrounds. This exceptional evening at Les Subsistances brings these two creative endeavors together in a first act where Xavier Veilhan’s films and Philip Glass’s music will have pride of place, and a second act in high-voltage clubbing mode.