Jordi Galí

Installation / Creation

With support from the integration organizations EPIDE de Meyzieu and Tremplin Anepa (Lyon 1).

Les SUBS will shine brightly thanks to an aerial installation created collectively for Lyon’s Fête des Lumières. A participative project orchestrated by Jordi Galí, this modular assembly will be raised like a flag on the esplanade to proclaim our values.

Lumières is the result of choreographer Jordi Galí’s meeting with 30 young people in socio-professional integration programs. From September to December ’21, they will design a lighted aerial structure together in workshops to be installed at Les SUBS. They will be joined by artisans, carpenters, designers, builders, electricians, and lighting designers who will help their ideas take shape. Lumières testifies to an extraordinary human adventure.