Groupe Noces

Je suis tigre
Dance / Circus

As part of Nuit du cirque, Festival utoPistes and École de cirque de Lyon will join Les SUBS in inviting Groupe Noces and Rachel Salzman.

Two acro-dancers will draw a huge mural[NN1]  to gently, visually address the questions children ask about migration and friendship. A bit of poetry about our need for alterity.

Through a giant drawing, Je suis tigre talks gently and visually about migration. Using play, acro-dance, and acrobatics, the two dancers tell a story about war, escape, exile, and the road migrants must travel until they reach, in the case of the youngest ones, the schoolyard. The show encourages children to think about tolerance and friendship without borders.


Choreographer, director : Florence Bernad
Author : Aurélie Namur
Illustrator : Anaïs Massini
Choreography assistant : Gypsy David
Compositor : Nantho Valentine
Lighting : Nicolas Buisson
Video : Quentin Grélé
Decor : Ber Caumel
Photo : Marc Ginot
Interprets : l’acrodanseuse Maria Pinho & l’acrobate Simo Nahhas
Recovery team : Maria Petukhova & Antonio Arbuès –Hichem Chérif & Pia Oliva