Hold On, Cie Fheel Concepts

Corinne Linder

Hold On
Circus / Arts numériques

Hold On is a virtual reality immersion into contemporary circus. Equipped with a VR helmet, participants can walk in the artists’ shoes and feel what the artists feel: stage fright, an adrenaline rush, risk taking, and the fleeting nature of time. Hold On is part of a larger work based on Corinne Linder’s autobiography, The Ordinary Circus Girl, which will be presented at Les Subsistances in November 2019 as part of Nuage Numérique.

Artistic creation and direction: Corinne Linder
Production of the short film in collaboration with the company Novelab / AudioGaming directed by Amaury La Burthe

Selected by the Ministry of Culture and Communication as part of the Innovative Digital Services (SNI) call for projects.

Corinne Linder started her circus training when she was 7. The traditions and values of this great family are therefore an integral part of who she is. After completing professional training at the Lido circus school in Toulouse (2011-2014) and obtaining an advanced degree in production in 2016, her interests led her to travel and she met numerous people from various artistic backgrounds with whom she worked on creative projects as an artist or a writer.

She has extensive stage experience, having worked in contemporary circus companies and performing her solo, F.HEELS. Examples include the winter cabaret in Helsinki, Finland, where she performed 80 times in 2 months (2014), the Cirko Aero company (2015), and various performances in French circus festivals, such as Auch and Avignon (2014, 2015 and 2016). She was also selected to be a finalist in the U.S. Aerial Championships held in New York in February 2015.

A 6-meter fall in 2016 forced to rethink her career as a circus artist, and her new-found perspective made her want to develop her off-stage artistic interests. She went to New York, where she worked with Emilie Baltz, who specializes in the art of talking about food. They worked together on creating an immersive experience focused on food, the circus, and virtual reality.

She is currently investigating various ways of connecting the circus with other topics of daily life.