Cie 32 novembre

À VUE. Magie performative
Performance / Magie

Cie 32 novembre changes our perceptions of reality through six magic tableaux that update the genre. Everything is there in plain sight on the stage: objects, bodies, sound and light shows composed live. Like alchemists, they extract the magical essence from these raw materials and ordinary objects. Completing each other, passionate magicians and illusionists Maxime Delforges and Jérôme Helfenstein play on their twinship and dexterity, accompanied by four actor/accomplices. Together they create sensitive, ephemeral scenes to freeze time, breathe life into souls, transfer identities, transcend matter, and suspend bodies.
Decidedly contemporary, their approach updates their art’s codes while preserving the mystery specific to magic—and thus maintain the enchantment.


“Men with one thousand hands, what you make believe is more real than reality, which is a dream . . . . Your lies enchant us more than our poor truth.” Jean Cocteau



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 Interpretation, design, writing: Maxime Delforges and Jérôme Helfenstein
Co-wrestling and put into play: Fabien Palin
Sound creation: Marc Arrigoni
Light creation: Samaël Steiner
Costume design: Sigolène Petey
Construction and technical follow-up: Nicolas Picot, Victor Maillardet and Jeremie Hazael-Massieux
Compassionate technicians: Marc Arrigoni, Marianne Carriau, Gaspard Mouillot and Aude Soyer

Production and dissemination: Geneviève Clavelin
Production and administration: Pauline Horteur
Bonlieu, Annecy National Scene, Les Subsistances, Vellein Theater – Villefontaine, Théâtre des Collines, Lake Divonne Les Bains Esplanade, Parmelan Cultural Center – Annecy
Company supported by: Group of 20, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region Assistance to artistic teams DRAC Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region – Creation assistance City of Annecy – Support to the creation, Haute Savoie Departmental Council – Residency facility association DGCA – Ministry of Culture – Creation aid