Audiences and Mediations

A place where artists can be hosted in residence and create, Les Subs is also a place where all audiences can enjoy a variety of experiences, and not just during performances. Les Subs is committed to providing a sensitive and connected approach to art in its relations with artistic and cultural education, citizenship, and social cohesion, and with the values of hospitality, parity, and diversity.

Because artistic curiosity is an adventure sparked when we are very young, Les Subs works with teachers to design projects that will help everyone think about and change today’s world through artistic encounters.

For the very young…

Neighborhood projects

In 2019-2020, Xavier Kim and groupe nuits (Astrid Mayer & Raphaël Billet) lead projects with 3 groups of middle-schoolers and 5 groups of 2nd/3rd graders in Lyon 9th, Lyon 4th, and adjoining neighborhoods, as well as in Vaulx-en-Velin, in connection with the PTEAC.

…and the not-so-young

With middle schools, high schools, & an IME (medical-educational institute)

  • With the Lycée Robert Doisneau (Vaulx-en-Velin); Les Subs is the cultural partner for teaching the circus specialty
  • With the Lycée Saint-Exupéry (Lyon 4th); a week of high school residency with Benjamin Villemagne & Raphaël Gouisset based on CGU
  • With the IME Jean-Jacques Rousseau; a cycle of choreography and sound-design research dealing with violence, in connection with Today is a beautiful day by Youness Aboulakoul
  • With 10 groups of middle-schoolers as part of the Classes Culturelles et Numériques led by Erasme, with Anne-Sophie GRAC, based on her project, Simonetta, to get the students to start questioning the changes in beauty standards in the era of social media.

+++ Several projects will be conducted with 10 partner high schools in connection with the companies in residence.

  • GACO Arts – IUT LYON 3 Training/ Hosting students in connection with the mini-dance classes during the Le MOI de la danse festival.
  • Monitoring of projects by students in pre-professional artistic training in Lyon to support the artists of tomorrow as soon as they start their training. Les Subs works in close collaboration with the ENSBA, the CNSMD, the preparatory training at the École de cirque de Lyon, and the CN D.

+++ A number of tailor-made partnerships with post-secondary schools and student associations in the greater Lyon area and the region (INSA, EAC, ISCOM, Sciences Po Lyon, Universités de Lyon, Université de Grenoble, GEM, etc.)

Because artists offer a sensitive interpretation of the world around us, meeting each other can be fertile ground for them during the highly unusual time of creation. Always in relation to the companies’ desires, Les Subs initiates projects that make this kind of connection possible.

Mediation on a daily basis

Regular partnerships with 40 associations and organizations providing integration and support services for individuals living with a disability. We always develop these projects to serve the goals pursued by these partners, to bring audiences and the artists working at Les Subs together.

Les Subs has made a commitment to the association La Cloche to improve the living conditions of homeless individuals, and regularly organizes clothing pick-ups in partnership with Le Vestibus. Charitable associations are regularly invited to our events: Coexister, Urgence Social Rue, Secours Populaire, Tissu Solidaire, Singa, etc.

Careful to promote the autonomy of our audience members and keep price from being an obstacle, Les Subs has created “Pay It Forward Tickets” (“billets suspendus,” available at the reception-ticket office). Since 2017, a Culture for Everyone window has been open every Friday afternoon at the ticket office.