Stupeur & Merveillements (Stupor & Amazement)

Focus on the artists Clédat & Petitpierre

From April 1 to 21, 2020

Imagine a world where the borders between animate and inanimate, animal and vegetable, human and extraterrestrial, the Middle Ages and today, etc., have been abolished. Welcome to the flamboyant creations of Clédat & Petitpierre! Visual and performance artists who blend the visual and performing arts, they design their sculptural costumes so they can be inhabited and performed in.

A unique highlight, Stupeur & Merveillements is a chance to discover the works of Clédat & Petitpierre at Les SUBS and elsewhere. On the program for this singular encounter: a premiere at the Les SUBS, performances at the Musée des Beaux Arts, the Musée des Confluences and Gorge de Loup, an exhibit at the Musée des Tissus, and a grand parade on the Presqu’île.

Amazement guaranteed!