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Zombie vs cyborg: what will the future be like for humans?

Martin Legros

Saturday 16 november



Theme : Normal/ Anormal

The idea of an immutable human nature, created by a god or guided by evolutionary laws, has been around for long time. We know that human beings have already been through several metamorphoses, but what about the changes to come—cloning, implantation of electronic chips, artificial uteruses, etc.? What are the issues? What are the dangers?

Some contemporary philosophers have suggested an innovative method to meet the challenge: imagine fictional characters—like cyborgs, robotic humans, zombies, detached heads that command bodies from a distance—to build theoretical models that also constitute scenarios for the future.

Discussion moderated byMartin Legros (journalist at Philosophie Magazine/FR)
With the collaboration of École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon (Ensba)


Thierry Hoquet (FR) a philosopher and professor at Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 specializing in the philosophy of biology.
> Cyborg Philosophie : penser contre les dualismes (Seuil, 2011)

Pierre Cassou-Nogues (FR) a philosopher and professor at the University of Paris 8 interested in the relationship between philosophy and fiction.
> Mon zombie et moi (Seuil, 2010)
> Lire le cerveau (Seuil, 2012)
> La Mélodie du tic tac (Flammarion, 2013)

Around the debate

Performance / Dance
Rite Riot
Nora Chipaumire

Performance / Music
A martian’s pain
Sarah Bahr

Performance / Music / Circus
Knight of invisible
Iona Kewney, Joseph Quimby

Report of an Ano®maly
Antonin Potoski, Jean-Biche, Alice Rivières, Cyril Casmeze, Justin Vivian Bond, Boris Razon

Special performance
Justin Vivian Bond

The meaning of family
Animated by Caroline Broué
With Anne Verjus (FR), Caroline Mecary (FR), Jean-Philippe Pierron (FR), Irène Théry (FR) et Georges Eid (FR) Marie Douris (FR).

+++ After au Lavoir public
Existentialist striptease-Bare-all interviews
Sunday 17 november 21:30




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Sat 16 November 2013 / 15:00

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