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Les subsistances

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Compagnie BAM

30 & 31 March 2013



One man, one woman: she’s a dancer, he’s an acrobat. With sensitivity and humour, they attempt camaraderie, interaction, opposition, taking power. Two young artists with their hearts on their sleeves who invent balances, dance and acrobatics to try to live as they breathe: together. A triptych of circus numbers, a high-wire solo, an acrobatics solo and an acrobatics duet offered by two circus artists, all accompanied live by the guitarist Jérémy Manche.


Iron thread / acrobatics: Natalie Good
Acrobatics : William Thomas,
Guitarand live music : Jérémy Manche

Production : Compagnie -BAM-

Partners / Soutients : La Cascade, Bourg Saint Andéol, Le cirk’Eole, Montigny les Metz, la ville de Corbie, Moselle arts vivants.

The company

The -BAM- company is a partnership that has existed since November 2008. The company’s first project was the creation of a collective circus performance entitled SWITCH, based on the teeter-totter, the Chinese mast, and acrobatics. Today this show is carried by 5 artists from the 20th class (promotion) of the CNAC. The year 2009 was dedicated to the creation of SWITCH. The -BAM- company has been hosted and supported by various organizations in France working in the area of the circus arts: Le cirque Jules Verne, Le Pôle Sirque de Nexon, Le pôle cirque La Cascade, etc. On January 15, 2010, SWITCH was released at the Cirque Jules Verne in Amiens. In addition to performing the show in a place as prestigious and imbued with history as this, it was important for the company to present its show for the first time in Picardie, since its headquarters are in Corbie.
In 2010 SWITCH was performed 28 times in France and occasionally abroad (Belgium and Italy). This tour enabled the company’s artists to present the show to highly varied audiences, to undertake sensitization actions, and discover the life of a young company on tour.
With financial, logistical and other support from various partners, the company was rapidly organized with the goal of positioning itself as a professional company.
Thanks to a CAE [financing for employment], in April 2009 the company was able to hire someone full time to see to the company’s smooth operation, following up on and implementing projects.
In 2011, the Ville de Corbie welcomed and supported -BAM- by giving it an office and a place to work artistically. This made it possible for the company to start getting involved locally and creating a Picardian identity.





Dates & horaires

Sat 30 March 2013 / 18:30

Sun 31 March 2013 / 15:30