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Les subsistances

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Les yeux ouverts + trois décennies d’amour cerné

Thomas Lebrun

From 25 February to 1st March 2014

Création  Dance



In association with the creation of Trois décennies d’amour cerné, a Western look at love and AIDS since it appeared, Les Subsistances commissioned a creation on the same theme but from the “African” point of view. . . . That is, how the virus, which is literally devastating the continent, has changed people’s relationship to love and sexuality. This piece brings together the perspectives of a Western choreographer and a West African (Malian) dancer, Moussa Camara. In it, Moussa, whose powerful physicality manages to radiate an unusual fragility, will embody the combative youths devoid of means – and sometimes of fear as well –I briefly encountered during a tour in Africa in 2010. His viewpoint and background will be key to writing the solo, which I’d like to be as close to reality as possible, with no detours.” Thomas Lebrun.



Three solos & one duet

… DE RISQUES / solo for Anthony Cazaux

… DE PEUR / duo for Anne–Emmanuelle Deroo and Raphaël Cottin

… DE DOUTES / solo for Anne-Sophie Lancelin

… DE SOLITUDE / solo by Thomas Lebrun

Trois décennies d’amour cerné is a piece composed of three solos and one duet, in liaison, in continuity, in transmissions, dissonances and contradictions, on the appearance and evolution of AIDS. By traversing a musical chronology, from English and American New Wave to international pop and indie rock directly or indirectly related to the first appearance and spread of the virus, the choreographer seeks to evoke the states of doubt, fear, and disillusionment of a generation struck by fearful love. Five dancers embody the various time periods and places, questioning this imposed presence that for three decades has enveloped our every thought and deed and dampened our freedom of enjoyment.



Interprète : Moussa Camara
Chorégraphie : Thomas Lebrun
Lighting design: Jean Marc Serre
Régie son : Mélodie Souquet

Production : Centre Chorégraphique National de Tours, direction Thomas Lebrun
Coproduction : Les Subsistances – Lyon

Création février 2014 / Les Subsistances – Lyon


Choregrapher: Thomas Lebrun
Interprétation : Anthony Cazaux, Raphaël Cottin, Anne-Emmanuelle Deroo, Anne-Sophie Lancelin, Thomas Lebrun
Musiques : Anne Clarck, Smith and Burrows, Seb Martel, Dez Mona, Patti Smith, Anthony and the Johnsons
Bande-son d’archives : Lynn and Louis Wolfson / Florida Moving lmage Archives, KTVU, KRON, Weissman Projects LLC, NBC, John Boguta
Montage bande-son : Yohann Têté
Lighting design: Jean-Marc Serre
Création son : Mélodie Souquet
Researcher and translator: Lucille Toth

Production : Centre Chorégraphique National de Tours, direction Thomas Lebrun
Coproduction : Le Vivat, scène conventionnée d’Armentières


Thomas Lebrun, the director of the Centre chorégraphique national de Tours, has created two dance pieces at Les Subsistances: Itinéraire d’un danseur grassouillet (2009) and Many dreams for exercizing (2008).



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