The Chap + Arandel + Eva Geist
Live Music

En partenariat avec Grame
Soirée de clôture de la BiME – Biennale Internationale des Musiques Exploratoires

A new type of made in SUBS musical encounter, Subs-Sessions race against the tide, defy banality, snub good taste, and twist with the commonplace. The watchword is “Music with Attitude!” To prove it, the first Subs-Sessions act will be “the best all-time live group” partnered with an electro-cosmic producer and a DJ who crosses contemporary music with mutant pop.


The Chap (London, Berlin)

Melodic flashes, sonic swerves, colorful rhythms, Dadaist whimsy, electronic collages, punk energy, and disco furies: the Chap’s deviant pop flirts with the avant-garde without ever losing its good humor. A spirited, half-male, half-female pan-European group based in London and Berlin, The Chap makes music that makes you feel good. Described by John Peel as a “meeting between the Talking Heads and Monty Python” and by fans as “the best all-time live group,” The Chap is back!

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Arandel (Lyon) – Dans la Bulle sous la Verrière (In the Bubble under the Skylight)

A figurehead of the electro scene in Lyon, Arandel presents a new version of its “Architecture Sonore” mix, in which musical sequences from Meredith Monk, Laurie Anderson, and Arvo Pärt converse with Monolake, Four Tet, and David Bowie. Blending ambient, contemporary music, pop, and electro, Arandel makes the most adventurous sound creations shine.

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Eva Geist (Berlin)

Welcome to the dance floor of the future! Eva Geist’s psychedelic disco augments the range of our sound perceptions with strong backup from dreamy synth-pop flights, bewitching groove, occult melodies and evanescent voices. A je-ne-sais-quoi that’s always a beat ahead. Her latest album, Desfãn, was released in 2018 by Lyon’s eclectic label, Macadam Mambo.

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