Praktika feat. Simon Winse + Dom Peter
Live Music

Supercharged trance, a soaring flute, and racing beats: the best of the Afro-electric scene brought together by Dom Peter and his label, Blanc Manioc. The players joyfully give their all, glad to enjoy a party again.

In 2014 French producer and DJ Jérôme Fouqueray, alias Praktika, set up his machines in western Africa. Today, Praktika divides his time among Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mali, Nigeria, Benin, Chad, Senegal and more, always on the lookout for new sounds and new musical structures and practices to draw on. His DJ set tells the story of a place where gloomy techno blends with South African Gqom, and organic trance incorporates the Gnawa sounds of sub-Saharan Africa.

Simon Winse grew up in Burkina Faso in the rich cultural environment of Samo masks. His traditional flautist father, Tombo Winse, taught him to play the peul flute in keeping with the family’s storytelling tradition. Through these traditional instruments, Simon tries to reintroduce a spirituality that is fading with modern life.

Dom Peter, a Lyonnais artist with an eclectic list of hits has been traveling through Africa and Europe since 2012, following his passion for African music. In 2019 his myriad sources of inspiration gave rise to the Blanc Manioc label, which produces seasoned Afro-electronic artists. With the innovative power of African musical forms, Dom Peter explores the variety of styles and influences, blending Mandinka Afrobeat, underground, and electronic music.