Ensemble Social Silence play Music For Airports
Live Music

A blend of acoustic and electronic, Brian Eno’s music is rooted in the American minimalist movement. In 1978 the former Roxy Music member composed Music For Airports, a superposition of tape loops that Ensemble Social Silence is revisiting today under the Skylight at Les SUBS. Accompanied by a string quartet, the ensemble reinterprets Eno’s cult album, the cornerstone of ambient music, in an instrumental and electronic version to reveal its wealth of sound. Amplified by the sound of violin and electronic music loops, this musical immersion while lying down promises to “create calm and space to think,” as the composer wished.


Joachim Baumerder, Tenor Violin
Hugo Zeitter, Drums
Nathanael Mevel, Machines
Eli Frot, Synths
David Huang, Guitar
Félix Gerbelot, Violin 1
Hugo Van Rechem, Violin 2
Elie Hackel, Violin 3
Robin Antunes, Violin 4
Benjamin Garson, Sound engineer