Cabaret Contemporain
Live Music

Five musicians and a sound engineer set themselves a task that changes with each new project: reproduce the strength and hypnotic effect of a live electronic performance with acoustic instruments (guitar, drums, piano, and two string basses). With their own compositions (published by Arnaud Rebotini’s label, Blackstrobe) and homages to Terry Riley, Moondog, and Kraftwerk as well as Detroit techno, Cabaret Contemporain crosses the borders between classical and contemporary music, underground and popular culture, and humans and machines.

Tailored for the stage, these virtuosos’ improvisations are always an intense musical experience.

Guitar : Giani Caserotto
Drum : Julien Loutelier
Double bass : Simon Drappier et Ronan Courty
Piano : Fabrizio Rat
Sound engineer : Pierre Favrez,
Production : Laurent Jacquier