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Les subsistances

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Hélène Mathon

Sister – according to the text Eugène Savitzkaya

From 26 to 29 November 2015



“It’s a brother’s story and a sister’s story. It’s the story of two blond children from the radiant palace. They will swear to stay together. To deactivate and dissolve factions. To defend and expand democratic freedoms. And to guarantee peace for human beings. Later, he’ll write poems; she’ll speak out against adversity. He will grow fat, eating at any time of the day or night to build up a protective buffer, armor like an elephant’s hide, a life-saving aqualung, a sperm whale’s outfit. . . .” Hélène Mathon commissioned Eugène Savitzkaya to write the text for Sister. His job: to express what populates the life of the brother, and of the sister of he who’s said to be mentally ill. She turned it into a play to see what kind of welcome we reserve for “the different” when he is so close to us. She has created a theatrical promenade, like a score of images and sounds to get close to the “rhythmic disturbance” that is schizophrenia. She is trying to maintain a connection between the present and he who is slipping away.


Autor : Eugène Savitzkaya
Direction : Hélène Mathon
Interpretation : Hubertus Biermann, Bérengère Vallet
Lighting creation : Sylvie Garot
Sound creation : Thomas Turine
General manager : Léandre Garcia Lamolla
Administration : Alice Normand

Production : La Langue Écarlate
Coproduction : Les Subsistances – Lyon (coproduction et résidence 15/16), Théâtre Sorano/Jules Julien – Toulouse.
With support de la Maison de la Poésie – Paris, de la SPEDIDAM.
With the help of Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (Aide au compagnonnage – DGCA), du Conseil Régional Midi-Pyrénées, du Conseil Général du Gers, de la mairie de Gavarret-sur-Aulouste.

For this creation, Hélène Mathon was in residence Subsistances in November 2015 .

Hélène Mathon presented Subsistances Don Quixote in June 2007 ,Est in October 2009. Cent ans dans les champs in March 2012, L’omme vit très bien toute seule in May 2012 and participated in the project outside the walls La traversée du chaos September 2014

Around the show

Chantier – free

> Thursday, November 19 at 20:30
Presentation of a current work step , followed by a time of exchange with the artists. Learn more

Subs-visite – free

> Friday, November 27 at 18:00
History and heritage tour of Subsistances. Learn more

Babel – free

> Saturday, November 28th
Meet discussion with the artistic team at the end of the performance.


> Saturday, November 28 at 10:30
1:30 workshop with Hélène Mathon (Theatre) followed by a brunch in the artist’s home company.
Price: 16 € per person (+ brunch workshop) . Learn more



10 € / 12 € / 14 €

Dates & horaires

Thu 26 November 2015 / 21:15

Fri 27 November 2015 / 19:00

Sat 28 November 2015 / 17:45

Sun 29 November 2015 / 17:00


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