Rébecca Chaillon & Mélanie Martinez Llense

Performance / Creation

What better than a tornado for a playground when you have creole cyclones in your genes?

Atmospheric performance artists Rébecca Chaillon and Mélanie Martinez Llense have had their breath taken away. Taken away by the gales of inequality blowing across the world today. Roaring, thundering, raging, howling, and rumbling, these X-woMen plan to break the stranglehold around their necks. With their usual audacity and theatrical and social code-breaking, Chaillon and Martinez Llense give their all on stage, willingly pushing their bodies to the limit. A hurricane is in the forecast!

Performance : Rébecca Chaillon et Mélanie Martinez Llense
Regies : Suzanne Péchenart
Coproduction : Les SUBS et Cie Dans le Ventre.