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Report of an ano®maly

3 writers, 3 performers, 1 DJ

Saturday 16 november


Theme: Normal/Abnormal

Are we really normal?

At a time when even the president is advocating normality, we’ve asked seven people—authors or performers—to tell us their stories of permanent or temporary abnormality. DJ Arandel helps us segue from one storyteller to another.


Antonin Potoski (France) wrote his first books in the Sahel while living among the Fula and Dogon peoples (La Plus belle route du monde and Les Cahiers dogons, 2000 and 2001, Éditions P.O.L) and has lived in Japan (Hôtel de l’Amitié, 2004, Éditions P.O.L), the Horn of Africa, Myanmar, and on the Indonesian coast in a Bugis fishing village. Now he’s writing stories revolving around the Sultanate of Oman: Cités en abîme and Nager sur la frontière (2011 and 2013, Gallimard). Potoski was awarded the Louis Castex Prize of the Académie Française in 2012.

Alice Rivières (France) is a young carrier of Huntington’s disease, which she is doomed to develop in the next few years. How do you turn an absolutely terrifying medical diagnosis into something other than a future devoid of hope? Today she’s a writer and has founded the Dingdingdong artistic collective, which aims to explore illness as if it were an unknown planet and find narrative forms capable of properly relating this adventure as it unfolds.

Jean-Biche (Belgium) is a performer, illustrator, cabaret artist, makeup artist and stripper. A fixture of Brussel’s nightlife, Jean-Biche uses his body as a tool. He has worked with numerous artists, including Damien Jallet, Pierre Droulers and Ivo Dimchev. Transformation and cross-dressing form the core of his artistic work.

Cyril Casmèze (France) is a zoomorphic actor and acrobat. He debuted with the Cirque Archaos then performed in several Cirque Plume creations. He founded the Singe Debout company with Jade Duviquet and in 2008 and 2009 they created C.Q.P.V.D. ou ce que parler veut dire? then Cet animal qui nous regarde at Les Subsistances. Last year, they created Zoomorphic wild man for the Walls and Bridges festival (organized by the Villa Gillet in collaboration with Les Subsistances) in New York.

Boris Razon (France), a journalist and writer, is in charge of transmedia/new writing reforms at France Télévision. He helped launch the monthly magazine Don Quichotte and was editor of the website LeMonde.fr for ten years. He was paralyzed for several weeks in 2005 by an atypical Guillain-Barré syndrome and based his first novel, Palladium (Stock, 2013), on this experience.

Mx Justin Vivian Bond (United States) is a singer and performance artist. His work, such as the role of Kiki Du-Rane, reflects his transgender identity and has earned him numerous accolades and a 2007 Tony Award nomination. A member Radical Faeries (an international group formed in the 1970s), Bond does not accept the heterocentrist model and is trying to redefine gay identity. A fixture of New York’s late-night scene, he was featured in the film Shortbus (John Cameron Mitchell) in 2006.

Arandel (France) is multi-instrumental and prefers to emphasize its abstract electro music, which borders on the avant-garde. Its first opus, In D, released in summer 2010,was an homage to Terry Riley and the American experimental scene. Arandel has since released two more albums and completed numerous musical creations (including for the Quai Branly Museum in Paris and the Ambronay Festival).

Around the Storytelling

Performance / Dance
Rite Riot
Nora Chipaumire

Performance / Music
A martian’s pain
Sarah Bahr

Performance / Music / Circus
Knights of invisible
Iona Kewney, Joseph Quimby

Special performance
Justin Vivian Bond

Zombie VS cyborg : what will the future be like for humans ?
Animated by Martin Legros
With Thierry Hoquet (FR), Pierre Cassou-Nogues (FR)

The meaning of family
Animated by Caroline Broué
With Anne Verjus (FR), Caroline Mecary (FR), Jean-Philippe Pierron (FR), Irène Théry (FR) et Georges Eid (FR) Marie Douris (FR).

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