Rafael de Paula, Ikueman © Romain Etienne / Collectif Item

Rafael de Paula

Circus / Dance

“One foot after the other/move, move, move.”

Rafael de Paula addresses these lines to the landless, the uprooted—people like him. This story gives rise to a ritual dance: Ikuemän, which means “to walk” in the language of the Kayapos.*
On five Chinese masts, totems rising toward the sky, five performers move up and down in the shadows. Rafael de Paula and his companions “from Chaos” embody a chimeric, aerial, nomadic tribe. They are the last survivors of an ancient civilization that has been forgotten since its decline. They turn being uprooted and losing one’s bearings into a source of life.

*The Kayapos are an Amazonian tribe whose lands are threatened by gold mining and deforestation.


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Choreographer and performer: Rafael de Paula
Performers: Béatrice Debrabant, Harold De Bourran, Joana Nicioli, Rafael de Paula, Ward Mortier
Help with dramaturgy: Chloé Sanchez
Sound creation: Frédéric Marolleau
Light and costumes: ongoing

Acknowledgments: Andres Labarca for the help with the movement, Rafael Camisassa for the graphic design, Vasil Tasevski for the photography

Production: The Chaos Company

Co-productions and reception in residence: Plate 2 Circus Poles in Normandy – La Brèche in Cherbourg and Cirque-Théâtre d’Elbeuf / Le Manège – National Scene of Reims / Les Subsistances in Lyon / Théâtre d’Arles
Home in residence: Associazione Culturale IdeAgorà – Mirabilia Festival in Turin / La Verrerie d’Alès / National Circus Occitanie Pole
Institutional Partners: Greater East Regional Council – Support for Creation Projects / Drac Grand Est – Creation Assistance / DGCA – Creation Assistance / OVE Foundation
Others: AY-ROOP / Old Saint-Etienne Theater, Rennes