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Les subsistances

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Compagnie des divins Animaux

Quatuor Violence

From 26 to 29 march



Look out, these four under-30 actors smack, bite and attack as well as play, sing, and improvise! Two girls and two boys, they want us to react to all the violence around us rather than suffer in relative apathy. So they go at it no hold’s barred, sink their teeth into lemons and onions, tell their own true stories of domestic violence, borrow from assault reports, and recount terrorists’ confessions. They invent a cabaret that is simple, direct, clever and funny. A theater piece fought like a boxing match that will leave you groggy but in high spirits. These players are new to Les Subsistances.


Mise en scène : Florian Pautasso
With : Stéphanie Aflalo, Flavien Bellec, Solal Forte, Sophie Van Everdingen
Musical design : Sophie Van Everdingen
Light operator : Cécile Botto
Administration / production : Maison Jaune
Diffusion : Séverine Liébaut

Production : Compagnie des divins Animaux
With the support : du Théâtre La Loge (Paris) et du Théâtre de l’Opprimé (Paris) et de l’ONDA (Office National de Diffusion Artistique)





8 € (single price)

Dates & horaires

Thu 26 March 2015 / 19:00

Fri 27 March 2015 / 19:00

Sat 28 March 2015 / 17:45

Sun 29 March 2015 / 14:30


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