Pierre Cartonnet et Julien Lepreux

Circus / Theater / Dance / Creation

As part of Never Complain, Never Explain

How do we define ourselves to others? Does our existence have meaning if others aren’t aware of it? A man struggles to make himself heard. All he wants is to exist. Prevented by unforeseen events, he tries to tame the feedback from his microphone to assert himself, to speak in public. Through ingenious technical processes, the character plays with sound when sound is not playing with him. By blending sound composition and burlesque performance, Bru(i)t trumpets the urgency of making oneself heard in a society where the cult of individual success is deafening.

Conception and direction: Pierre Cartonnet and Julien Lepreux
Interpretation: Pierre Cartonnet
Sound creation and sound management: Julien Lepreux
Artistic advice: Chloé Cartonnet
General management and light: Frédéric Stoll

Co production: Zeppelin Theater (st Andre-lez-lille), Les Subsistances

Supporters: The Prato, The Breach, The new dyke, Studio Boily, Cie last minute