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Les subsistances

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Phia Menard / Compagnie Non Nova


10, 11 and 12 November

Performance / Dance / Jonglage glacé


“As a kid, I dreamed of juggling snowballs for Holiday on Ice,” says virtuoso juggler Phia Ménard. Today she juggles with ice, into which she’s frozen memories so she won’t be able to feel them and they won’t change. You have to let these remnants disappear in order to start a new, totally different life, to banish the childhood where you felt you had to look like a real little boy. When the balls melt and your body slips and falls into a Position Parallèle au Plancher (P.P.P.) [position parallel to the floor], the only thing left to do is invent another way of seeing the world, a way to dance it. That’s when Phia Ménard lets herself strike a different balance, show a different, previously disallowed self. With high energy and a fine sense of staging, she combines juggling, dance, and visual arts to plumb the depths of our ambiguities.


Directrice artistique, chorégraphie et interprétation : Phia Menard
Assistée de : Jean-Luc Beaujault
Création lumière : Robin Decaux
Régie lumière en alternance : Alice Ruest et Aurore Baudouin
Musique et espace sonore : Ivan Roussel
Diffusion des bandes sonores en alternance : Ivan Roussel et Olivier Gicquiaud
Création plateau, manipulations : Pierre Blanchet
Régie plateau, manipulations en alternance : Pierre Blanchet et Manuel Menes
Régie des glaces en alternance : Jean-Luc Beaujault et Rodolphe Thibaud
Création costumes : Phia Menard et Marilou Mayeur
Construction des robots : Philippe Ragot
Scénographie : Phia Menard et Jean-Luc Beaujault
Régie générale : Pierre Blanchet
Administration, diffusion : Claire Massonnet
Chargées de production : Honorine Meunier et Clarisse Merot
Photographies du spectacle : Jean-Luc Beaujault
Chargé de communication : Adrien Poulard
Captation du spectacle : Philippe Devilliers

P.P.P. est une production de la Compagnie Non Nova.

Coproduction Cirque Jules Verne d’Amiens, coproduction et résidence : Les Subsistances / Lyon / France. Spectacle créé avec le soutien du Théâtre de la Cité Internationale de Paris, l’Institut Français d’Afrique du Sud et l’Institut Français (convention Institut Français / DRAC / Région des Pays de la Loire), le Lieu Unique, scène nationale de Nantes, l’Arc, scène conventionnée de Rezé (44), le Grand R, scène nationale de la Roche-sur-Yon (85), l’Office Municipal de la Culture et des Loisirs de Segré (49) et l’Hippodrome, scène nationale de Douai (59).

Ce projet a reçu une aide à la création du Conseil Régional des Pays de la Loire.

La Compagnie Non Nova est conventionnée par le Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication – DRAC des Pays de la Loire, le Conseil Régional des Pays de la Loire, le Conseil Départemental de Loire-Atlantique et la Ville de Nantes. Elle reçoit le soutien de l’Institut Français et de la Fondation BNP Paribas.


Seeing Extraballe by Jérôme Thomas in 1991 sparked Phia Ménard’s desire to become a performer, and a juggler in particular. She studied contemporary dance, mime, acting, and of course juggling. In 1994 she started studying juggling and composition with Jérôme Thomas, then joined the company as an actor for the premiere of Hic Hoc. An artist and improviser, she created several of the company’s shows until 2003: Le socle, Le Banquet, Hioc, etc. In 1998 she founded Compagnie Non Nova and premiered Le Grain. Her solo show Ascenseur, fantasmagorie pour élever les gens et les fardeaux, which premiered in 2001, earned her her reputation as an author. Supported for her unique approach, she was invited to be an “associate artist” for three seasons at Le Carré national theater in Château-Gontier. In 2008, Phia Ménard revealed her new identity and her desire to change her sex. Her art then took a new direction with her “I.C.E.” project (Injonglabilité Complémentaire des Eléments), in which she studied transformation and erosion fantasies using natural materials. In January 2008, she premiered P.P.P., a coming-out play and first in the Pièces de Glace [Ice Plays] cycle, at Les Subsistances. In October of that year she premiered L’après-midi d’un foehn Version 1, the first of her Pièces du Vent [Wind Plays], at the Natural History Museum of Nantes. Since 2011 she has been performing L’après-midi d’un foehn and VORTEX, the second of the Pièces du Vent, both in France and abroad. In January 2014, she was made a Knight in the Order of Arts and Letters by the Minister of Culture and Communication, Aurélie Filippetti. She became an associate artist for four years at the Espace Malraux national theater of Chambéry and the Savoy. In 2015, she became an associate artist with Théâtre Nouvelle Génération – Centre Dramatique National de Lyon and artist-company at Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen / Basse-Normandie for 2016, 2017 and 2018. In June 2015 she premiered Belle d’Hier, the first of her Pièces de l’Eau et de la Vapeur [Water and Steam Plays], at the 2015 Montpellier Dance Festival held at the Opéra Comédie.




10 € / 12 € / 14 €

Dates & horaires

Thu 10 November 2016 / 20:00

Fri 11 November 2016 / 20:00

Sat 12 November 2016 / 20:00


Feuille de salle


55 min