Mélissa Von Vépy

Noir M1
Circus / Performance

This show is presented as part of the festival Livraisons d’été.

In her solo Noir M1, Mélissa Von Vépy steps into the shoes of a lighting technician. Alone, this “woman of the shadows” is moving to and fro at center stage in a decrepit theater when she accidentally stumbles into the set. She and this place—a place for creation, work, and imagination—are infused with the soul of imaginary heroes.

This project developed when Cathy Bouvard asked Mélissa Von Vépy to create a performance piece based on the concept of the hero. In the theater, this leads to a basic distinction between those who are in the spotlight and those who are not. But it is precisely those who are “in the shadows”—the authors, directors, lighting techs, composers, and stage hands—who give substance to the “containers with a face” that fictional heroes are.


More informations : melissavonvepy.com


Conception, interpretation : Mélissa Von Vépy

Artistic collaboration : Sumako Koseki

Light : Xavier Lazarini

Sound : Jean-Damien Ratel

Scenography : Neil Price

Suit : Catherine Sardi

Production, diffusion : Pierre-André Kranz

Production : Happés – théâtre vertical

Coproduction : Le Carré-Colonnes – Scène Conventionnée de Saint-Médard-en-Jalles / Théâtre Jean Lurçat – Scène Nationale d’Aubusson / Espace Malraux – Scène Nationale de Chambéry et de la Savoie / Forum-Meyrin – Genève, Suisse

Home in residence : Le CREAC – Pôle Cirque à Marseille / Les Subsistances – Lyon

Supports : Le Conseil Général du Gard, DRAC Occitanie
Demandes en cours : Le Conseil Régional Languedoc-Roussillon, Le Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication : DGCA, Ville de Genève, Pro-Helvetia

Mélissa Von Vépy

Born in Geneva in 1979, Mélissa Von Vépy started attending circus arts workshops when she was 5, then attended the Centre National des Arts du Cirque, from which she graduated in 1999 (trapeze artist). While an artist in residence in Sète (2004-2009), she decided to move her company (created in 2000) to Aigues-Vives in the south of France, then also to Geneva. In 2007, Mélissa received the SACD’s “Art du cirque” award.

Mélissa focuses her practice on theater- and dance-related aerial arts. In particular, she explores the physical and emotional dimensions of gravity: the search for lightness, falling, emptiness, pushing limits, etc.