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Les subsistances

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Archives - Saison 2015 - 2016
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Maguy Marin

With Marie Christine Vernay

30 January

Dance / Conférence


For the Le MOI de la danse festival and as an echo for past performances, Les Subsistances has invited some of the big names in choreography who seem synonymous with contemporary dance today. Who am I when I dance or make others dance? What identifies me? How am I unique? How did that come about? Join these big name choreographers for 1½-hour conversations in which they’ll show video clips and talk about how they build their gestures, sharing a bit of their personal stories.

Maguy Marin

For nearly thirty-five years, Maguy Marin has been forging her work while constantly questioning danced material. From 1981’s May B, which launched new French dance, through 2014’s BiT, she has been breaking codes and formalisms to invent performances in which the music, text, theater, and dance are all equally important.




€6 (Special offer: free, with a reservation, if you have a ticket for a performance at the Le MOI de la danse festival, valid only at the ticket window or by phone 04 78 39 10 02, while tickets last)

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Sat 30 January 2016 / 18:00

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