Lyon Street Food Festival

4 days of celebration around mobile gastronomy!

In coproduction with Food Trucks Gourmets

What’s the Lyon Street Food Festival? Four days of fun centered on mobile gastronomy!

Now in its third edition, this year’s Lyon Street Food Festival will be hosted by Les Subsistances. Seventy young street-food artisans, innovative restauranteurs, and some big-name chefs of traditional cuisine, will be there to wow you. Watch out, it’s going to be hot, smoky, and spicy! This year’s menu will feature the cuisines of Izmir, Montreal and Hong Kong. On the cultural side, they will be mini-lessons in martial arts, Chinese, and country dance. And as usual, on Saturday and Sunday, there will be concerts and a circus performance on Saturday and Sunday featuring Le Collectif du Plateau.

All info on the festival website