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Les subsistances

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The dancers appreciate the quality of the dance floor

Jean-Christophe Meurisse and Chiens de Navarre

From 18 to 21 September 2013



“If we’re having so much fun, it’s because everything is running smoothly. But that doesn’t keep this apparently charming parody of dance from revealing significant solitude, which the orgy scenes can’t contradict”. Libération, Marie-Christine Vernay

No Biennale de la dance this year ? That’s ok, in a single show Les Chiens de Navarre review the entire repertoire : from Zouk to Béjart and Pina Bausch to Swan Lake. The pack of Chiens does a trash-comedy version : a picnic among friends who, between two beers and a roll in the hay, do an explosive review of the past fifteen years of dance culture. It’s not just a question of being provocative : of course they demolish the exclusivity of a highly codified system, but they also reveal the abyss of a time when the body was consumed in order to liberate it. With the Chiens, flesh in a high-precision theatrical ballet is sad. Between Béjart’s version of Boléro and Pina Bausch’s Rite of Spring, they really dance. After having created “Quand je pense qu’on va vieillir ensemble” at Les Subsistances in February 2013, the virtuoso Chiens de Navarre are back with their air of backward teens. Created in Paris, “Les danseurs ont apprécié la qualité du parquet” is the company’s first choreographic work. It seemed the perfect opportunity to start the new season off with dance as well as hilarity.


Collective creation of Chiens de Navarre directed by: Jean-Christophe Meurisse
Artistique collaboration: Isabelle Catalan
With: Caroline Binder, Céline Fuhrer, Robert Hatisi, Manu Laskar, Thomas Scimeca, Anne-Elodie Sorlin, Maxence Tual, Jean-Luc Vincent
Lighting design and general manager: Yvon Julou
Stage manager: Julie Leprou
Sound: Isabelle Fuchs
Administration, production and diffusion: Antoine Blesson and Claire Nollez
Executive producer: Le Grand Gardon Blanc


Les Chiens de Navarre is a group of actors (cf. casting) whose collective creations are directed by Jean-Christophe Meurisse. Creations: Une Raclette (2008) / L’autruche peut mourir d’une crise cardiaque en entendant le bruit d’une tondeuse à gazon qui se met en marche (2009) / Nous avons les machines (2012) / Les danseurs ont apprécié la qualité du parquet (2012) / Quand je pense qu’on va vieillir ensemble (2013). In September 2012, Jean-Christophe Meurisse directed his first medium-length film.



8€ for everyone (same price for everyone all year)

Dates & horaires

Wed 18 September 2013 / 21:00

Thu 19 September 2013 / 21:00

Fri 20 September 2013 / 21:00

Sat 21 September 2013 / 21:00

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