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Les Chiens de Navarre

Les armoires normandes

From 10 to 14 June 2015



Watch your pant legs, Les Chiens de Navarre, a theater group with wholesome energy, wickedness and humor are back! For years they’ve been working on the ins and outs of our social relations, now they want to take on our intimate love lives. Or more precisely, the “emotional misery of our contemporary society”: quite a program!

When asked why, Jean-Christophe Meurisse, referee and director of this joyful team, talks about age. “We’re turning 40, so we’re asking ourselves about sexual desire. We’re starting to have made our way, what’s happened until now? What’s going to happen next? That’s what we’d like to touch on. . . . And above all, what’s happening now? In the same way, we’re wondering about the desire for love. How did we get here, what’s left for us to live?” Les Chiens have had eight members since they began in 2005, and they’ve added two for this creation. Ten for a show about intimacy? We need to see this!

“Until now we explored how the collective functioned as a group, I think now we’re more interested in exploring the individual and the couple. Which won’t keep us from being nasty.”

For now, the idea for the show is a “backwards chronology of emotions.” From an older person to a child. “Because in fact, a child who plays doctor is of course doing it to learn things about sexuality, but I’m convinced it’s also to prepare for disappearance,” explains Jean-Christophe Meurisse. “More than ever, our very personal questions about the desire to love and our desires, period. We want to tell sad, slightly sordid tales about the mode of excitement and jubilation. It’s our way of seeing the world. Our supposed meanness is just a mirror everyone’s trying to get away from. Us first of all.”


Mise en scène : Jean-Christophe Meurisse
Avec : Caroline Binder, Solal Bouloudnine, Claire Delaporte, Céline Fuhrer, Charlotte Laemmel, Manu Laskar, Thomas Scimeca, Anne-Élodie Sorlin, Maxence Tual, Jean-Luc Vincent, distribution en cours
Régie générale et création lumière : Stéphane Lebaleur
Création son : Isabelle Fuchs
Construction et régie plateau : François Gauthier-Lafaye
Costumes : Elisabeth Cerqueira
Administration, production et diffusion : Antoine Blesson et Claire Nollez, assistés de Léa Couqueberg

Administration, production, diffusion : Antoine Blesson, Claire Nollez assistés de Léa Couqueberg

Production déléguée : Le Grand Gardon Blanc / Chiens de Navarre

Résidence et coproduction : Les Subsistances, Lyon ; C.I.C.T. / Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, Paris

Coproduction : L’apostrophe, scène nationale de Cergy-Pontoise ; Maison des Arts de Créteil ; Théâtres Sorano – Jules Julien, Toulouse ; La Faïencerie, Théâtre de Creil (scène nationale en préfiguration) ; Le Carré – Les Colonnes, scène conventionnée de Saint-Médard-en-Jalles et Blanquefort ; Palais des Beaux Arts, Charleroi ; L’Arsenic, Lausanne.

Avec le soutien de la DRAC Île-de-France

Avec le soutien à la production du 104, de la Ferme du Buisson, scène nationale de Marne-la-Vallée et du Théâtre de Vanves, scène conventionnée pour la danse.


Les Chiens de Navarre is a group of actors (cf. casting) whose collective creations are directed by Jean-Christophe Meurisse. Creations: Une Raclette (2008) / L’autruche peut mourir d’une crise cardiaque en entendant le bruit d’une tondeuse à gazon qui se met en marche (2009) / Nous avons les machines (2012) / Les danseurs ont apprécié la qualité du parquet (2012) / Quand je pense qu’on va vieillir ensemble (2013). In September 2012, Jean-Christophe Meurisse directed his first medium-length film.



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Wed 10 June 2015 / 21:30

Thu 11 June 2015 / 21:30

Fri 12 June 2015 / 21:30

Sat 13 June 2015 / 21:30


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