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Les subsistances

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Does work have a gender?

Cécile Daumas

Friday 15 november


Theme: Let’s get to work!

Is a nurse necessarily a woman and the CEO of a CAC-40 firm a man? More than fifty years after the sexual revolution and women’s en masse entry into the workforce, the division of labor is still highly gendered. While many women are succeeding in traditionally male professions, very few men hold jobs traditionally held by women. Why does this situation persist? Can we conceive of and organize work without sexual hierarchy?

Round-table designed and moderated by Cécile Daumas (journalist at Libération/FR).


Serge Hefez (FR), psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.
> Le Nouvel ordre sexuel : pourquoi devient-on fille ou garçon ? (Livre de poche, 2013)

Margaret Maruani (FR), sociologist, director of the journal Travail, genre et société since its founding in 1999.
> Travail et genre dans le monde. État des savoirs (La Découverte, 2013)

Around the show

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Alexandre Roccoli / A Short Term Effect

Study Day
Bodies at work :workplace gestures as artistic movement
With Agathe Dumont, Flore Garcin-Marrou, Bérénice Hamidi-Kim, Ariane Martinez, Claudia Palazzolo, Vincent Rafis, Armelle Talbot.

+++ After au Lavoir public
Existentialist striptease-Bare-all interviews
Sunday 17 november 21:30




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Fri 15 November 2013 / 20:30

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