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Les subsistances

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La Scabreuse

From 28 to 31 March 2013

Circus / Dance


Lard is a very strange trip. A circus-arts poem in which pigs and people frolic in magnificent confusion. A dance and theatre piece full of snout and silk, burlesque and mass, glitter, bowing and scraping, distinction, etc. Nathan Israël and Volodia Lesluin, accompanied by Paola Rizza, are skilled in juggling, dance, clowning, the tightrope, etc. They have created a farce full of oddities about humans and pigs, the beautiful and the ugly, the clean and the dirty, power and otherness.


Authors : Nathan Israël, Volodia Lesluin, Paola Rizza
Interpretes : Nathan Israël, Volodia Lesluin
Direction : Paola Rizza.
Set design/costumes : Sigolène De Chassy
Lighting design: Vincent Maire
Sound design : Ivan Roussel
Masks : Plascale Blaison
Construction : Yan Bernard
General manager : Vincent Maire
Manipulator comedian/ stage manager : Pierre Gros
Production/diffusion : Mathilde Ochs


Nathan Israël and Volodia Lesluin are both graduates They attended of the École nationale des Arts du cirque of Rosny-sous-bois (ENACR) and the Centre national des Arts du cirque of Châlons-en-champagne (CNAC). Nathan came out with Lecirqle, staged by Roland Shön (2005) and participated in the creation of the companies Cheptel Aleikoum and La Scabreuse. Author of and performer in Alzeimer for All, [TAÏTEUL ], and La Mourre, with Lard he signs his fourth creation with La scabreuse. He created Le paillasson, a short form based on a text by Louis-Combet. Volodia came out with Kilo, directed by Jean-Pierre Laroche and Thierry Roisin (2006), then danced in Zooo by Denis Plassard and Abiku by André Mandarino, and was a dancer-acrobat in the baroque dance company L’éventail, directed by Marie-Genevière Massé. Nathan and Volodia have worked together for several years on several projects, as dancers in Mars 2056 by Brigitte Pougeoise and as authors of La mourre. Lard is the result of the meeting between the man-pig of The pink room and the man-mud of Le Paillasson.

Paola Rizza, a graduate of the Jacques Lecoq school, is an actress, director, and drama teacher (école Lecoq, ENACR, CNAC, etc.). Co-author and co-director of La mourre, she has collaborated on all of La Scabreuse’s creations and has directed numerous performances, in particular in the circus arts sector: Apprentie compagnie, cie Nö, Non nova, les Désaccordés, etc.

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