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Is Sexual Freedom A Political Cause?

Saturday, november 24th 2012 at 15h



Theme : sexual identities ?

In barely a century, sexuality has gone from the private sphere to the public domain. As religious morality has lost its hold, sexual freedom seems to have become a reality. But if there has indeed been a sexual revolution, must sexuality therefore be a political cause? Must it be the subject of organized collective action? Must it be a subject of legislation?

With Roselyne Bachelot (former minister of Solidarities and social cohesion), Ruwen Ogien (philosopher and research director at the CNRS), and Allio/Weber (directors and authors) Hosted by: Juliette Cerf (journalist, Télérama).


Roselyne Bachelot (France) holds a doctor of pharmacy degree and has been a municipal, departmental and regional representative. After entering the National Assembly in 1988, she has since been continuously reelected, and has also been minister of Ecology and Sustainable Development, minister of Health and Sports, then minister of Solidarities and Social Cohesion. Her career has been marked by a strong commitment to health, feminism and homosexual rights, among others. She is the author of À feu et à sang: Carnets secrets d’une présidentielle de tous les dangers [By Fire and Blood: The Secret Notebooks of a Highly Dangerous Presidential Election] (Flammarion, 2012) and Le Combat est une fête [Struggle is a Celebration] (Robert Laffont, 2006).

Ruwen Ogien (France), is a philosopher and research director at the CNRS. He is instituting a minimal ethic that precludes moral duties to oneself and remains neutral with regard to good. In L’Influence de l’odeur des croissants chauds…, [The Influence of the Smell of Warm Croissants…] he develops this approach through short, playful case studies.

Allio/Weber vs Weber/Allio: After working alone, Eléonore Weber and Patricia Allio became partners. Each is a director and author with training in philosophy. In 2008, they merged with Symptôme et proposition. Together they created Un inconvénient mineur sur l’échelle des valeurs [An Inconvenient Minor on the Scale of Values] in 2008/2009, Premier monde [First World] in 2011, Prim’holstein in 2012, and most recently, Night replay, a documentary film for Arte.

Nicolas Gouguin has since 2010 been the spokesperson of Inter-LGBT, the Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans interassociational organizer of the Paris Pride Parade. He also represents this collective before the National Human Rights Advisory Board (Commission consultative nationale des droits de l’Homme).




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Sat 24 November 2012 / 15:00

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