Journées européennes du patrimoine 2020

Visites des SUBS

Take advantage of the 2020 European Heritage Days to (re)acquaint yourself with the rich history of Les Subsistances through guided tours, an augmented SUBS-circuit self-guided tour, and a treasure hunt for young and old!

In an ideal location on the banks of the Saône, Les Subsistances is a remarkable heritage site that has lived several lives and has a fascinating history—as a convent in the 17th century, a food storehouse for the French army in the 19th and 20th centuries, and a place for artistic creation and experimentation since the early 2000s.

Guided tours

Cross the Esplanade, lift your eyes to the Skylight, stroll under the arcades of the nun’s Dining Room, visit the cells where they lived … Follow the guides!


Learn about Les Subsistance’s astonishing history on your own by taking a Subs-circuit augmented tour, designed specifically for smartphones and tablets (available at reception-ticketing).

Treasure hunt

Young or not-so-young, head off on an adventure all over Les Subsistances!
Prizes will be awarded!