Jeanne Mordoj - L'Errance est humaine & Le Bestiaire d'Hichem (2018) - photo © Géraldine Aresteanu

Jeanne Mordoj

L’errance est humaine
Jeanne Mordoj is a hybrid artist who finds the material for her circus in animal or vegetable matter and the body’s instincts and depths. She premiered L’éloge du poil at Les Subsistances. L’Errance est humaine is her new solo circus piece about the movement of the ephemeral, the body’s grace, and the brevity of an image. Her theater is poetic, feminine, feminist and often insolent. A witch and a fairy in her traveling circus, she takes audiences on unusual trips.

Creation and interpretation : Jeanne Mordoj
Accompagnement : Pierre Meunier
Music Creation and Sound Management : Mathieu Werchowski
Lighting creation : Jean-Yves Courcoux
Costums creation : Yvett Roscheid
Construction : Silvain Ohl
General Board : Eric Grenot