Jeanne Mordoj - L'Errance est humaine & Le Bestiaire d'Hichem (2018) - photo © Géraldine Aresteanu

Jeanne Mordoj

Le bestiaire d'Hichem

Mordoj has invited two young circus artists to join her world. Under the eyes of high-wire walker and acrobat Julia Brisset, the acrobat Hichem Chérif transforms himself, distorts himself, and plays with his body’s shapes to become an untamable animal. Le Bestiaire d’Hichem delves into the wild part of undomesticated animals and their intensity. An unpredictable, surprising animal to talk to children about this world where sometimes you can appear suddenly, leap about, and not be reasonable.



Creation : Jeanne Mordoj
Interpretation : Hichem Chérif et Julia Brisset
Music Creation and Sound Management : Mathieu Werchowski
Lighting creation : Jean-Yves Courcoux
Costums creation : Yvett Roscheid
Construction : Silvain Ohl
General Board : Eric Grenot
Regie light : Manuel Majastre