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Les subsistances

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Picnic and live music

Les Subsistances & Les Gueules de Lyon

Satuday 28 June 2014


A picnic prepared by Les Gueules de Lyon, a group of friends who run the kitchens in seven of Lyon’s finest restaurants. They like to cook and eat together. Sometimes they invite their friends. And now, they’re setting up at Les Subsistances for a giant picnic/barbecue in the company of twenty or so winemakers they’d like you to discover. Add a sound stage to prolong the annual music festival, a few bales of hay, checkered tablecloths and voilà! You’ll skip yet another workout!



40€ (5€ pour les moins de 12 ans)

Dates & horaires

Sat 28 June 2014 / 12:00