Jan Fabre / Cédric Charron

Grand témoin : Cédric Charron / Jan fabre

Rencontre / Discussion

Dancing: Speaking For or Speaking With?

A conference with François Frimat, dance philosopher, to be held during the Le MOI de la danse festival.

For the 2019 Le MOI de la danse festival, Les Subsistances’ Guest Speaker will be Cédric Charron, Jan Fabre’s dancer. Who am I when I dance or when I make someone dance? What is my identity? What is unique about me? How did my uniqueness develop?

In works as intense and intimate as those by Jan Fabre, how is the connection forged between the performer and the actor’s director, the choreographer? How is their partnership built? What are the terms of exchange?  Cédric Charron became a dancer with Jan Fabre, with whom he works closely. He started working with him in 1999, with the production As Long As the World Needs a Warrior’s Soul. Later, he also performed other Fabre works, such as Je suis sang, Tannhäuser, The Crying Body, History of Tears, Orgy of Tolerance, Prometheus Landscape II and Mount Olympus. How does he see himself in this relationship with the choreographer: A canvas on which the author paints, or co-author?


Jan Fabre (born in Antwerp in 1958) is known in Belgium and elsewhere as one of the most avant-garde and versatile artists of his generation. For 30 years he has distinguished himself as a performer, author, and visual artist. He always pushes the boundaries of whatever genre he’s working in. Theater for him is a holistic work of art in which the spoken word plays a carefully considered functional role alongside dance, music, singing, performance art, and improvisation. Fabre’s restraint with regard to the “text” medium leads him to take a different approach to theater. This has been confirmed by the increasingly numerous directors who have staged Fabre’s texts in recent years: his texts cannot be boiled down into traditional theater.

Cédric Charron est né en Bretagne, en France. Il a d’abord terminé sa maîtrise en économie et sciences politiques à Rennes et a décidé en 1997 d’étudier l’interprétation et la danse à P.A.R.T.S à Bruxelles. Il a commencé à travailler avec Jan Fabre en 1999, avec la production As Long As the World Needs a Warrior’s Soul. Plus tard, il a également interprété d’autres des œuvres de Fabre telles que Je suis sang, Tannhäuser, The Crying Body, History of Tears, Orgy of Tolerance et Prometheus Landscape II. Il a également collaboré à Preparatio Mortis, un solo pour Annabelle Chambon et il danse dans le film de Pierre Coulibeuf Les Guerriers de la beauté. Cédric Charron fait partie du projet de 24 heures de Jan Fabre Mount Olympus en 2015. Outre son travail avec Fabre, il a fondé le label Cedana, avec Annabelle Chambon et a collaboré avec des artistes tels que Boris Charmatz, William Forsythe, Thierry de Mey, Michèle Anne de Mey, Fatou Traoré, Filip Sangdor.