Franck Vigroux

Dance / Live Music

A car crash. In the aftermath, a blank, unchanging, peaceful space suddenly opens up in the driver’s head where the song of a non-human voice can be heard. Beyond this expanse, the place where the accident happened slowly becomes visible, lost in a vast freeway interchange. The real blends with the unreal.

Drawing on the world of the English writer J.G. Ballard (especially Crash and Concrete Island) and Vigroux’s own car accident, Flesh explores the moment after the crash, that brief instant when time seems to stop or to expand. In it, something like a panorama is revealed, a surrealist scene where the mind seems to disconnect from the body. Wrecks take the shape of moving objects, overpasses become giant golems, suspended car motors seem to be levitating above a sea of snow. Through this flow of images and sensations, the spectator relives the injured driver’s experience, travelling through an unknown dimension, taking a truly hallucinogenic trip.

Direction, conception, music: Franck Vigroux,
Video design : Kurt d’Haeseleer
Choreographer : Myriam Gourfink
Dramaturgical consultant : Michel Simonot
Video : Olivier Ratsi
Dance : Azusa Takeuchi et Céline Debyser

Delegated production : Cie D’autres Cordes
Co-productions : Les 13 Arches à Brive, La Muse en circuit CNCM, Césaré CNCM, Théâtre de l’Archipel
Artist-in-residence program : HTH CDN de Montpellier, Espace des Anges à Mende, Les 13 Arches à Brives, théâtre de l’Archipel à Perpignan
Creation the November 24th at le théâtre de l’Archipel in Perpignan

Photo © Quentin chevrier