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Les subsistances

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From 28 January to 1st February 2014

Création  Dance


A young dancer and choreographer from New York, Kyle Abraham works to create intuitive, energetic, sensitive and very personal movement. His choreographies are like Nico Muhly’s music: free of stylistic constraints, they unfold with freedom and intelligence from multiple sources. A fan of music and the visual arts who enjoys contemporary as well as urban dance, Abraham was declared the “best and brightest creative talent to emerge in New York City in the age of Obama” by OUT magazine. Artist in residence at New York Live Arts directed by Bill T. Jones, Kyle Abraham is creating in France for the first time.

Scores : Drones & Viola, Honest Music, Stride


Chorégraphie et interprétation : Kyle Abraham
Musiciens : Olivier Robin (violon), Yoan Brakha (violon), Paul Juranville (piano), Ugo Reser (violoncelle), Robin Kirklar (alto)
Musique : Nico Muhly
Partitions : Drones & Viola, Honest Music, Stride
Costume : Karen Young
Création et régie lumières : Joe Levasseur

Production : Les Subsistances – Lyon


Kyle Abraham was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1977. In 2010 he presented his creation, The Radio Show, for which he won a Bessie Award. In this piece for 7 dancers, he examined loss of voice—his father’s due to Alzheimer’s and that of an urban radio station—with authenticity, warmth, and humor. In November 2012, Abraham was named artist in residence at New York Live Arts for 2012-2014.

In 2006, Abraham created the company Abraham.In.Motion, with which he strives to create strong, evocative interdisciplinary works. Through body language anchored in late-70s hip-hop culture and fueled by Abraham’s artistic training in cello, piano and visual arts, the company explores the concept of identity in relation to the artist’s personal history. It also uses sensual, provocative vocabulary while emphasizing sound, human behavior and the visual dimension to develop personal reflection and give it form on stage. Abraham.In.Motion includes dancers from various backgrounds and disciplines.

Abraham recently presented The Serpent and The Smoke at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, in a duo with the New York City Ballet’s principal dancer, Wendy Whelan.

Abraham has also worked as a dancer for numerous companies, in particular David Dorfman Dance, Burnt Sugar Dance Conduction Continuum, Nathan Trice/Rituals, Mimi Garrard Dance Theater, Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, Dance Alloy, The Kevin Wynn Collection, and Attack Theatre.

This year, Kyle Abraham’s work was rewarded by a grant from the MacArthur Foundation, one of the highest, most prestigious honors in the United States.

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Samedi 1er février à 10h30
Atelier de danse ouvert à tous animé par le chorégraphe kyle Abraham, suivi d’un brunch.

Mercredi 29 janvier à 10h
Atelier de danse réservé aux professionnel.
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Tue 28 January 2014 / 21:45

Wed 29 January 2014 / 19:15

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Sat 1 February 2014 / 20:30


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