Étape de création

La Nòvia
Film documentaire

A hallucinatory trip into the heart of Velay’s volcanic plateau, La Trève, (la treva (ghost) in Occitan) is an immersive, introspective experience.

Fireballs, electrical outages, magnetic disturbances, and other strange phenomena have been occurring since the Renaissance between Le Puy-en-Velay, Mont Mézenc, and the Pilat mountain range. This magnetic land fuels the locals’ imagination and inspired this creative project by documentary filmmakers, musicians, and ethnographers. The stories that shape an area were transcribed in a form where sound, light, images, and text battle with each other to reflect the wandering mind of a hiker, a prowler swallowed up by the landscape. You’ll be able to feel the invisible!

Artistic direction : Yann Gourdon
Writing and directing : Yann Gourdon, Gwendal Le Goff, Grégoire Orio et Jacques Puech
Texts : Elodie Ortega
Actor : Camille Rouaud