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Les subsistances

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Alain Buffard

From 27 to 30 March



“I want to eat that or spit it out.” Or: “I want to introduce this into myself and exclude it from me.” A specific case of incorporation is being proposed here, one where the subject has incorporated (not internalized) his Lost Item so concretely that, without knowing it, he has to feed this item and therefore eat for two. Food by way of clothes, or rather favorite objects, devoured and immediately thrown up like a manifestation of counter productiveness when compared to activities that conform to a production system. A metaphor for the idea of cannibalism, which is distorted here with regard to clothing and its performative presentation. Or a way for the stylist Sébastien Meunier and myself, a choreographer and dancer, to present the self through clothing and performance. From clothing we kept the idea of a membrane, an edible interface of great sexual value. A second skin, used like an undergarment for the face, a face that is accessorized, decorated, fetichized, hobbled, and impeded. Who hasn’t dreamed of devouring and dominating the other?”

Alain Buffard

EAT was presented at Les Subsistantes during the Week_End Ça Valse! in October 2008.


Réalisation et interprétation : Alain Buffard, Sébastien Meunier
Caméra et montage : Amaury Agier – Aurel


Alain Buffard began dancing in 1978 with Alwin Nikolais at the National Center for Contemporary Dance in Angers. A dancer for Brigitte Farges, Daniel Larrieu, and Régine Chopinot, he became an assistant at the Galérie Anne de Villepoix and has covered visual art news in France for two Norwegian newspapers.

In 1996 he met two women who would prove to have a decisive influence, Yvonne Rainer and Anna Halprin, with whom he worked as the winner of the “Villa Médicis – hors les murs.”

The association pi:es was founded in1998. Since its creation, 14 productions (choreographic creations, films, and video installations) have toured the world: the Pompidou Center-Paris, Montpellier Danse, Les Subistances-Lyon, Arsenic-Lausanne, the Serralves-Porto BIT Foundation-Bergen, the Athens Festival, the Panorama-Rio de Janeiro Festival, DTW-New York, etc.

He co-commissioned the exhibit Campy, Vampy, Tacky at La Criée-Rennes in 2002. An invited artist professor at the Fresnoy for the 2004/2005 season, he presented the exhibit Umstellung/Umwandlung in Tanzquartier-Vienna in 2005. In Nîmes in 2013, he designed an innovative project blending art commissioning, live performance programming, and conferences on issues of territory and representation.

Alain Buffard was an associate artist at the Théâtre de Nîmes for the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 seasons. He died December 21, 2013




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Thu 27 March 2014 / 19:00

Fri 28 March 2014 / 19:00

Sat 29 March 2014 / 15:00

Sun 30 March 2014 / 14:00


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