Denis Mariotte

Commencer est toujours une façon d’en finir
Performance / Installation / Creation

“Starting is always a way to finish.”

“When you say in the beginning there is, you are not telling the beginning.”

These are the kinds of things Denis Mariotte said when he launched the new project Les SUBS commissioned from him.

In these times of uncertainty around how to gather in public to attend shows, this Lyonnais musician, performer, and artist is the man of the hour. For the past several years he has been creating installations and performance art pieces for small audiences where there is nothing to see and everything to be tried.

His artistic approach could be described as “poetic demonstrations of quantum mechanics. I work,” he explains, “on the perception of accumulated states, concepts such as presence and absence, the experience of emptiness, listening to the invisible, to put them into play with the potentialities of reality echoing the fictional.”

His intervention at Les SUBS will take the form of an itinerary of surprises through several areas of the site, with art installations/devices that are sometimes stationary, sometimes moving, sometimes sound-based, and other times all three at once. In the midst of all that is a room that, for three weeks, will become a theater for a short performance given at specific times.